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    The Gif Story Game


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    The Gif Story Game

    Post by Rose on Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:46 pm

    There is two ways to play this game neither is wrong
    You either
    A. Make a story for each individual gif
    B. Make a story for all gifs combined

    How does this work?
    Well.... When I first made this up. With my friends we would wait until we all had posted 4 gifs each
    but seeing as this is a forum. You'll have to interpret everyones, there will be no waiting

    Say person A posts 4 gifs and 3 people reply with stories, then 6 days later person B posts 4 gifs.
    It doesn't mean people can't reply to person A's gifs and likewise for person B.
    You can always reply and make up a story.

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