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    The Gif Story Game - Admin Edition (Roses!)


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    The Gif Story Game - Admin Edition (Roses!)

    Post by Rose on Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:48 pm

    Just like the other gif story game 
    You either
    A. Make a story for each individual gif
    B. Make a story for all gifs combined

    However you dont post the gifs, the admin does and its rounds so you have a limited time to get your stories in
    (probably a couple hours to a couple days)
    At the end of each round the story the admin likes most will win 25 - 50 Roses (depending on the amount of gifs)
    However you can only earn roses from this once a week (and its not guaranteed you'll win but if you're lucky you can earn 100 - 200 roses a month if you win all rounds)

    4 gifs =  25 Roses
    6 gifs = 50 Roses

    So keep an eye out for 6 gif games for the highest reward Wink

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